Employment Opportunity

Loftus Heating, Inc. has an immediate opening for an HVAC installer/serviceperson.

Our company is a drug free, team oriented workplace. We do high quality installations of furnaces, central air conditioners, zone control systems, air purifiers, air cleaners, humidifiers, air source and geothermal heat pumps, and radiant heat. We provide service on these same types of equipment along with duct cleaning and we offer 24 hour service for emergencies for our customers with all servicemen rotating the on-call status. We do replacements and new installations for both residential and light commercial customers. Loftus Heating and A/C has been a Lennox dealer for 32 years and will be celebrating 42 years in business the fall.

Loftus Heating & A/C is offering top wages commensurate with past experience with a benefit package including health insurance, paid holidays and vacations, 3% match on contributing funds in a simple IRA plan, bonuses, ongoing training and a friendly work environment. We have a modern sheet metal shop with plasma table (will train) and we offer year around work (no lay offs). At this time we are offering a $1000 signing bonus payable ½ after 6 months and ½ after one year of employment that meets our quality standards.

We are looking for a responsible, self motivated, honest individual. A person of integrity who takes pride in their work, continually strives to learn and improve and is interested in long term employment.

If this describes you and the type of work place you are looking for please click the link ( ) to apply for the position and send your resume to P.O. Box 4, Logan, Ia 51546.



MAINTAINING your air conditioner and your furnace is very important to the life and efficiency of your system. If your heating or cooling system has not been serviced for awhile, please consider using our coupon to clean, service and perform a safety check on your heating or cooling system at a bargain price. Just like a 3,000 mile oil change and service on your car, your heating and cooling system should be serviced at regular intervals allowing equal time between maintenance. HOT AND COLD AREAS in your Home: A properly installed duct system that has been sized correctly for the system in your home and sealed tightly is necessary for your home to be it’s most comfortable. Loftus Heating has the tools and knowledge to do just that. DRY AIR in your home can be a source of sore throats, sinus or other health problems. A Lennox Healthy Climate power humidifier will provide proper humidity throughout your home and is fully automatic and easy to install. No more hauling water, cold drafts or stale water odors, which can be caused by portable humidifiers. No more zaps from static electricity. No longer an environment which allows bacteria to grow. Plus, proper humidity will allow you to be more comfortable at lower temperatures, which can lower your heating bills. ALLERGY SUFFERERS: Does anyone in your home suffer from asthma or other respiratory illnesses? The Lennox Pure/Air air purifying system is the very best available today. Customers who have installed the Lennox Pure/Air have seen outstanding results and relief. Call our office at 644-3260 or check out the Lennox website at for more information. Reasons to call Loftus Heating & A/C Our employees; they are the best. Our technicians are experienced and NATE certified . Office is staffed weekdays from 7:30 to 5:00 to handle your needs. We have been serving Harrison, Pottawatomie, Shelby & Monona counties for 42 years. After hours answering service and 24 hr emergency service for our regular customers. 5 well stocked service trucks. Always Prompt and professional. Planned Service program. We keep a detailed history of you service needs so you don’t have to. Insured Tech’s take part in on-going education. 115 years of combined experience. * We are always striving to make our business more efficient so we can give our customers what they need at the best price.

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Pure-Air for Allergy suffers

Several years ago we installed a Pure-Air system for a customer whose child suffered with asthma. The other day that customer stopped in and relayed to us how much life had improved for them since installing this system. Before there were frequent visits to the ER during severe asthma attacks. Since installing the Pure-Air these have all but ceased. The family also noticed that when away from home and staying in hotels the asthma symptoms seem to increase.
If someone in your family suffers with asthma, please give us a call to find our more about the Pure-Aire filtration system.

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Rainy Fall Weather

Rain rain go away. Come again next spring please. This rain is causing worry and havoc for lots of folks. I imaging the farmers are getting close to panic.
For us it is very difficult to do the maintenance on heat pumps and we are getting behind on those.
Lets keep our fingers crossed for some dry days and weeks to come.


We are always looking to hire exceptional talent.

With the shortage of trained technicians in the HVAC field it is a must that we continually seek mechanically inclined people eager to find a career that is challenging, has variety and a solid future with opportunity for growth.

Come in and talk to Kevin or Nick about a career in heating, ventilation and air conditioning. We'd love to meet you!

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Rebates, Specials and such.

Going on right now through June are some great rebates, up too $1700.00, or 18 months no interest, no payment financing through Lennox. There are also utility rebates on heating and cooling through the 2015 year. If you are interested in geothermal equipment please know that there are some exceptional rebates that will definitely end with the 2015 year. Call us at Loftus, 712-644-3260 or 877-326-2277 for more details or for a free estimate.

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Service Technician Wanted

HVAC Service Technician • Excellent wages • Health Insurance • Paid Holidays and Vacation • Matching Retirement Funds • No lay-offs • Friendly small town work environment Loftus Heating, Inc. is a family owned company that has served the Harrison County and surrounding areas since 1975. We have a reputation for our emphasis on quality and have been a Lennox dealer for 25 years. Loftus Heating, Inc has an immediate opening for an HVAC service technician. The position pays top wages commensurate to past experience. We are seeking a responsible, self-motivated, honest individual who takes pride in their work and desires long term employment. Please send resume to P.O. Box 4, Logan, Ia. 51546 ,email to

January 2015

The holiday season has come and gone. The decorations are packed up and put away. Well, some anyway. I won't get mine down at home until the coming weekend.

Even though the holidays are behind us and the bitter cold has arrived we do hope the feelings of warmth that come from sharing time with family and friends, giving thanks, welcoming and worshiping the Christ Child and celebrating the coming of a New Year with all the new hopes and promises it brings will remain in our hearts for a long time to come.

All of us at Loftus Heating, Inc. are as always, grateful for our loyal customers and friends and look forward to serving you in 2015 and beyond.

And do remember that if that feeling of warmth starts to fade and you suddenly realize its not a problem of the heart but of the furnace, we can fix that!

Holiday Open House Dec. 13th

We are having a Holida Open House Thursday Dec. 13 all day, 8 to 5. Please do stop in and see our newy offices, visit with friends, have refreshments and draw for a door prize. We look forward to seeing you.
Have a Blessed Christmas!!

Open House Fall of 2012

With the recent purchase of the 2 buildings just to the west of our current office we are making some changes and preparing for growth.
The brick building immediately next door is currently being remodeled into new offices which will include two additional offices over what we currently have and a large training room for an expanded in-house training program as well as monthly employee meetings.
We hope to hire a person for inventory management to fill one of the new offices soon after the completion and move.
We will advertise the open house/customer appreciation celebration as soon as things a finished and we have made the move. Stay tuned!


Set It Back and Save

As the temperatures drop, you may begin to look for ways to keep warm without having high utility bills. One of the easiest ways to keep your heating costs under control is to keep your thermostat set at 68 degrees or lower. At night or when you are away from home, try turning the thermostat down 5 to 10 degrees for more savings. You may want to consider having a programmable thermostat installed that will automatically keep several different setting for different times and days.
Many have been concerned that it may cost just as much or more to reheat you home to a comfortable setting after being gone or while sleeping. Numerous studies have proven this to be a misconception. The longer your house remains at the lower temperature setting the more energy you save.
At the Loftus home, we definitely take advantage of a programmable thermostat with the exception of the most extremely cold days of winter purely for the comfort level. During extreme sub zero termperature it simply takes longer to raise the temperature back to a comfortable setting.


Suggested Remedies for Unique Winter Problems

This winter has been a challenge for heating systems, whether it be heat pumps or gas furnaces. We’d like to offer a few suggestions to help prevent problems with your system based on what we have seen this winter.
First let’s look at heat pumps. It is necessary to keep drifting snow away to allow proper air flow through the outdoor coil and not interfere with the defrost cycle. Ice that we see on the ground around the heat pump is a sign the heat pump is working. Ice comes from the defrost cycle. However, we don’t want the ice on the ground to build up and come in contact with the bottom of the heat pump as we have seen several times this winter. This will block drain holes under the coil and prevent the defrost water from draining. The ice building up from the bottom could possibly damage the coil. Also, watch for ice and snow that has built up on roof tops that might fall on the heat pump. Or water dripping off the roof or gutters on to the heat pump and fan blades. Ice on the blades will cause it to be out of balance and the vibrations can lead to refrigeration leaks.
Some customers have inquired about raising the heat pumps to sit higher off the ground. This certainly will not hurt but could be expensive depending on your refrigeration piping. One interesting fact we might mention is that we have had heat pumps installed in our area for over 25 years and this is the first year that we have ever seen a problem with heat pumps buried in snow and deep ice build up under the heat pump causing problems.
Now for gas furnaces. Keep the snow away from the exhaust and intake pipes. We have seen this to be a problem this winter whether the exhaust comes through the sidewall or the roof. Exhausts burried in snow will cause the furnace to shut down.
For any type of heating system, with extended cold periods, the systems are running more and air filters may not last as long and may need to be replaced more often. Clogged filters will restrict the air flow resulting in your indoor temperature not being able to reach the set point of the thermostat.


We Give Thanks

Our hearts are filled with happiness and gratitude. We give thanks for our beautiful family, our many dear friends, our good health, steady business, loyal customers and the best employees any business could ask for. We have been truly blessed and we sincerely give thanks to our Lord during this Thanksgiving holiday and everyday! May God Bless you!!

And we think Halloween is spooky

I don't know about any of you but whatever our politicians are doing these days scares the begeevees out of me. I'm not sure what begeevees are or if I have spelled them right but I know they've gotta be scared Washington is pushing through bills without reading them and voting on things in secret in the middle of the night to hide in this new health care plan. What the heck? Now this stuff is spooky! That's my take on things for whatever it worth.

Summer 2009

Despite the unseasonably cool weather, we have had a very busy summer at Loftus Heating and A/C. For that we are very grateful. We are coming into the home stretch of the cooling Planned Service which is a bit behind schedule due to the busy summer and more than our share of rainy days which makes scheduling maintenance service impossible. We thank our customers who we haven't been to yet and those for whom we performed the maintenance later than normal for your patience and understanding.

Spring/Summer Planned Service

We are well underway with our cooling Planned Service visits. Other than a few rainy days, the weather seems to be cooperating and we are staying pretty much on target up to this point. Our PS customers should have received a letter reminding you that it is perfectly OK to go ahead and run your system before we get there because our maintenance checks are designed as an annual inspection & service rather than a preseason check. If you do experience any problems, be sure and call our office and we will come right away to prevent any damage to your cooling system. As always, the PS rate is our most economical rate and there is no trip charge on the maintenance visit or overtime charges for PS customers. Have a great summer!


Newly redesigned website

Our newly redesigned website is finally here! We are very pleased and grateful to Balanced Scale Media for helping us design and publish this website. They were a great company to work with and they not only met but highly exceeded our expectations!
We hope you find our new website informative and easy to navigate.

System Maintenance

Maintaining your air conditioner and your furnace is very important to the life and efficiency of your system. Just like a 3,OOO-mile oil change and service on your car, your heating and cooling system should be serviced at regular (annual) intervals allowing equal time between maintenance. If you are a a first time customer, consider the coupon on the hope page.


A Career in the HVAC Field

HVAC is an abbreviation for heating, ventilation and air conditioning . Did you know that there is currently a shortage of technicians in the HVAC trades making this field one of great promise for young men and women searching for a career? "Even the most conservative estimates put the current shortage of HVAC technicians at 20,000" according to Michael Cassity of The News, a reputable magazine for the HVAC trades. However, the outlook for HVAC technicians is excellent! The US Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts this occupation will grow faster than the average for all occupations through 2022. Young people or second career not-so-young people of integrity with a good mechanical aptitude and critical thinking and problem solving skills could find new and exciting career opportunities in the ever evolving HVAC field. Call us at Loftus Heating, Inc. 644-3260 or stop by our office for a visit if you are interested in the field of Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning.

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